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Experience is for everyone and can be everywhere. Learn, create, design and live experiences!

Our 3 missions

We give you a whole world of positive experiences!

What is experience? How can you share it with your loved ones, your business, our society? Why are there negative experiences and how can you turn them into something positive?

Join us and find out every answer you will need. We are a group of professionals from the fields of strategy, analytics, psychology and leadership and we are here to share our knowledge on how to design a positive experience. In our community you will identify the 6 guiding principles that can empower you as a leader or a designer. You will also get insights, useful tips and a whole world of inspirational experiences.

What is your goal? Actually, it doesn’t really matter. We know you can achieve it, whatever it is. This community can very much be your starting point, your mentor and your toolbox. But know this: while we empower you, the change can only start with you

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in our community?

We exist to support everyone, whether you're a Leader or not and is willing to prioritize their growth to truly put human & experience first in daily life.



supported by many global DESIGN LEADER who are part of our World of Experience.

 Experience & Leadership is

about our authentic selves; it requires the vulnerability to understand ourselves, the empathy to understand others and the courage to take responsibility for how we show up in life, lead, create and live for more and better experiences and a better together.

Our platform connects Human together in the following ways:

  • COMMUNITY: Peer to peer support - our platform is built by Human Leaders. Together we can learn & support one another to evolve our Leadership & build better businesses. Our platform also links you to the resources you need to support your growth including Coaches, Consultants & Learning pathways.
  • CHANNELS: Allowing you the space to dive deeper into your self understanding, share challenges and show up as your true self.
  • CONVERSATIONS: Delivering the best in field researchers, practitioners and consultants in a live webinar every single month! These conversations are interactive, informative and practical, and give you direct access to experts in the field.
  • CHALLENGES: Join your peers in monthly challenges designed to help you grow through self-directed learning with resources, information and monthly themes to work on.
  • CONNECT: Our quarterly publication, with the latest research from the field, community updates and features.
  • COURSES: Access to micro-learning courses designed to upskill you in Human Leadership and Designing Experiences, allowing you to lead and design more effectively, authentically & mindfully with a purpose.
  • EVENTS:  Online or INPerson Events makes the community to a valueable group of people who care and support about each other. Different formats makes it fun, exciting and creates a new level of life.